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What’s with these headlines post?

Honestly, I read a lot of news, and I want to have a forum in which to digest it on a regular basis (it keeps the tabs from piling up, too). That doesn’t mean I’m not working on original material. I should have a neat update soon about my research so far on Vélib’. But I’m trying to provide a survey of the urbanism news in Paris as well as bikeshare news worldwide. Hopefully I can find a rhythm soon that’s sustainable (I only have 4.5 months left!). If you don’t like these, just feel free to ignore anything in the headlines category.

I’ll also be working to diversify my news sources, so if you have any great suggestions please send them my way.

This month’s Parisian urbanist happenings as of January 23, 2013:

  • Autolib’, the Parisian electric vehicle carsharing service surpasses 1 million rentals after one year in operation (paris.fr).
  • About 76% of French people who live in urban areas drive to work and other frustrating and methodologically-wanting data from INSEE (UrbaNews.fr).
  • Les Halles gets a new look (paris.fr).
  • Paris skyscrapers of the past and future? (paris.fr)
Les Parisiens still ride them in the snow! Photo courtesy of serene movement via Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/serene_movement/8403035540/

Les Parisiens still ride them in the snow! Photo courtesy of serene movement via Flickr.

  • Take care, Paris, while riding bicycles in the snow! (Vélib’ & Moi)
  • BART hopes to evolve more towards a Parisian Métro model of public transportation (so where are the line extensions?!). (spur.org)
  • It’s true, Seattle Transit Blog (h/t Russ Walker), Paris seemed to get something right by pegging building height to six floors. You don’t need high-rises to fit 2.2 million people into 40.1 sq. miles.  But, Paris still needs more housing, and the mayor wants to prioritize that in 2013 (paris.fr).