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Parisian urbanist headlines as of January 31, 2013:

  • Meet the man who designed the TGV (Boulle). (And then consider … )
  • As of last week, 2 billion people have ridden the TGV (high-speed rail) since it started in 1981 (La Croix via UrbaNews.fr).
  • Vive la Ville 30! A petition before the European Union has the next 10 months to collect 1 million signatures in support of cities paced at 30 km/h (FUB).
  • “How one group of squatters celebrated the start of 2013 in Paris” aka “If I weren’t being paid by the state department, I would totally be occupying that place” by my friend and fellow fulbrighter Jacque Feldman (Atlantic Cities).
  •  Un Navigo tarif pour tous! The green party wants just one zone — and just one monthly fare — for Paris and the surrounding region (Le Figaro via UrbaNews.fr):
  • Charge! The European Commission wants to increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations from 12,000 as of 2011 to 790,00 by 2020 ((Le Figaro via UrbaNews.fr).
  •  Oh goodness, Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, now Silicon Sentier? Google will open a big data center and home for Parisian start-ups in “la capitale de l’innovation” (paris.fr).
  •  Though it totally doesn’t seem like it, more French citydwellers ride bikes than motorcycles (Vélib’ & Moi).