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To celebrate her 850th Birthday, Notre Dame is welcoming some new bells. Photo Courtesy of Groume via Flickr.

To celebrate her 850th birthday, Notre Dame is welcoming some new bells. Photo Courtesy of Groume via Flickr.

Urbanist headlines from the Paris region for the week ending Feb. 7.

  • A new expo opens at Pavillon de l’Arsenal on the Olympiades, a major housing project in the 13th arrondissement (Paris.fr, Feb. 7).
  • The French government has given its blessing to reducing the speed of the Péripherique, the Paris ring highway, from 80 km/h to 70 km/h (49.7 mph to 43.5 mph) to combat air pollution. (Paris.fr, Feb. 7)
  • The Seine is on the rise (normal this time of year) — the city closes the banks and expressways along the river at certain heights. (Paris. fr, Feb. 7)
  • In place of a freeway, a series of five floating gardens (Paris.fr, Feb. 7); but, where did the traffic go? (Paris.fr, Feb. 7)
  • Vélib’ will make its data accessible (soon). (Vélib’ & Moi, Feb. 4)
  • Mes amies parisiennes. we can all now wear pants legally (Phew.) (Atlantic Cities, Feb. 4)
  • Paris is #8! Now guess on what scale. Hint: Not affordability index (CNN via Paltenizen, Feb. 4)
  • The RER E goes west? (Le Figaro via UrbaNews.fr, Feb. 4)
  • No earthquakes, no hurricanes, but definitely floods! See how the Paris Métro prepares for for the flood of the century. Plus an old photo of metro workers floating through Odéon in 1910. (Le Parisien via UrbaNews.fr, Feb. 4)
  • Now open: Ride from Concorde to Bastille and back by bike (without riding on sidewalks). (Paris.fr, Feb. 4)
  • The Mairie de Paris is experimenting with new street furniture along the Grands Boulevards, and it wants your feedback (Paris.fr, Feb. 4).
  • Julien Bargeton, deputy mayor of transportation and public spaces, discusses his priorities à propos de Vélib’ (Vélib’ & Moi, Feb. 1)
  • Paris will go dark (in the middle of the night) as of this July (New York Times, Jan. 30).
  • Conference in Rennes, France, on public space and livability March 14-17. (FUB, Jan. 17)