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Sorry internets! This past month has been crazy between sickness and lots of traveling. I’ve spent too much time IRL. Here’s a fun smattering of bike links for Feb. and March.

Try the Vélibois.

Try the Vélibois.

March 19

  • Geneva embraces French bike reg system Bicycode. (Isabelle et le Vélo)
  • Confusing advances in bike tech: wooden bikes or Vélibois. (Vélib’ & Moi) 
  • Taipei Bike Show, one of the biggest conferences in the bike world, kicks off March 20. (steel)

March 16-18

  • Respect cyclists (especially) March 18-24. (FUB)
  • B-Cycle bikeshare members can rent bikes in 15 American cities. (Treehugger)
  • On a bike or off, Paris always looks chic. (Paris Cycle Chic)
  • Why so few electric bikes in France? (Isabelle et le Vélo)

March 13-15

  • It’s happening in August, Bay Area. Bikeshare pilot comes to SF. (BAAQMD via SFBC)
  • Confusing advances in bike technology: #usemeleaveme at SXSW (Vélib’ et Moi)
  • Bikeshare spreads across the Midwest. (DC Streetsblog via Planetizen)
  • London to make almost £1 billion investment in bike infrastructure. (CleanTechnica)
  • Italian bike lobby is the mafia flexes its muscle. (ECF)

March 11-12

  • Vélib’ is hiring. (Vélib’ & Moi)
  • Spain pushing laws to quash nascent cycling movement. (ECF)
  • Canadian Millennials aren’t that into cars and other fun infographic facts. (huffpo.ca)
  • Pittsburgh is getting into bikeshare (post-gazette.com) and so is Omaha (omaha.com)
  • Takeaway from National Bike Summit: bikes are better than cars for local business. (Mobility Lab)

Links from February

  • Vélib’ simplifies subscriptions for 14-26 year-olds. (Vélib’ & Moi)
  • The Philippe Starck shared Scooter-cycle comes to Bordeaux. (Atlantic Cities via GOOD, Feb. 27)
  • Vélostras bike highways to encircle Strasbourg by 2020. (The Guardian, Feb. 26)
  • They built it, and the cyclists didn’t come. (ECF, Feb. 26)
  • Four bills that affect California cyclists. (Cyclelicious, Feb. 25)
  • “The Last Mile” solution launches in Fort Worth with 500 bikes (star-telegram.com, Feb. 25) and get a discount if you sign up now (star-telegram.com, March 19)
  • Tiny Anaheim bikeshare program excited to measure membership in 10s. (ocregister.com, Feb. 23)
  • Is the symbolic bike tax DOA in Washington State? (Streetsblog Network, Feb. 21)
  • Meet the 2012 Vélib’ champions. (Vélib’ & Moi, Feb. 21) 
  • Atlanta to make cute investment in bike projects in 2013 (Planetizen, Feb. 20)
  • Got sprawl? No problem. Get on the Chattanooga CBTS. (DCStreetsblog via Planetizen, Feb. 11)
  • Fatalities are up, injuries down, on Paris’ bikeways in 2012 (Vélib’ & Moi, Feb. 11)
  • A competition to freshen up bikeshare design. (Atlantic Cities, Feb. 8)
  • A climate-wise city needs thousands of kilometers of bike lanes, not hundreds. (Atlantic Cities, Feb. 8)

Alternate titles of this post include: “Hop on a woody and ride.” :p