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Is this San Francisco? Paris just hired a flock of sheep and other headlines from March and the beginning of April:


April 1-4

  • Parklets in Paris! (Le Figaro)
  • Sheep and the City: Don’t miss this opportunity to see munching lawnmowers in Paris during Sustainable Development Week. (Paris.fr)
  • Is Paris making peace with its suburbs? (Atlantic Cities)
  • Paris Durable wants to promote your neighborhood greening project. (Paris.fr)
  • Métro line 4 is going auto. (Le Figaro via Urbanews.fr)
  • The agencies who run the trains in the Ile-de-France are on the cusp of institutional reform. (Les Echos via Urbanews.fr)
  • The rush for student housing for next year starts now. (Le Parisien)

March 21-22

  • Behind the scenes at the Autolib’ mechanic. (Le Parisien)
  • Times are a changing’ for the Place de la République. (Paris.fr)
  • RATP will roll out its first hybrid buses in May 2013. (Le Parisien)
  • The history of water in Paris on foot or by bike. (Paris.fr)
  • How to ease congestion on the trains? Easy — push the work day back 15 minutes. (Le Figaro via UrbaNews.fr)
  • The 333rd station of the Métro opens at Mairie de Montrouge on Line 4. (Le Parisien)

March 16-19

March 12-14

  • Vélib‘ is hiring. (Vélib’ & Moi)
  • Grand Paris: Will Paris have a regional government by 2030? (Le Monde via UrbaNews.fr)
  • The French prime minister (no. 2 in gov) wants 90% of greater Paris to live within 2km of a train station. (UrbaNews.fr)

March 1-6

  • Do you live in République? Your building may be eligible for a “greening” à la the City of Paris. (Vélib’ & Moi)
  • Ouigo: The Southwest Airlines of high-speed trains in France (Urbanews.fr).
  • The Métro tweets!  (Paris.fr)