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Having a ball with the links today. Sorry that the list keeps ballooning. I know that link-life bal-ance is key; it’s just so easy to get carried away. ;p

RedBall Project de Kurt Perschke. Photo: Damien Roué / Flickr Creative Commons

RedBall Project de Kurt Perschke. Photo: Damien Roué / Flickr Creative Commons

April 23-24

  • Paris to flirt with congestion tax technology over the summer. (Le Parisien)
  • Celebrating 40 years of the Périphérique. (Paris.fr)
  • Remnants of the guillotine. (Atlas Obscura)
  • The Mairie of the 4th arrondissement now has an orchard. (Paris.fr)
  • Poll: Guess what? The French really like Paris. (Le Parisien)
  • Sleep in a cloud courtesy of the urban area of Bordeaux. (Paris.fr)
  • Ouf, naming-rights battle over Autolib’ not going well for Mairie de Paris. (Le Parisien)

April 21-22

  • Have a big red ball in Paris. (Atlantic Cities)
  • Check your bus stop: Place de la République will be all aflutter with construction at the end of April. (Paris.fr)
  • Poll: Parisiens like their mayor; highlights include better public transport andVélib’. (Le Parisien)
  • The Ile-de-France wants your opinion on plans for 2030. (Paris.fr)
  • Candidate for mayor in the primaries, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, wants to cut diesel from public fleet of autos. (Le Parisien)

April 18

  • There’s more than one growing bikeshare system in the Ile-de-France! Vélo2, in the Parisian suburb of Cergy-Pointoise, reports increasing numbers of bike rentals in 2012. (Le Parisien)
  • Enter your loveliest photos of the Seine in this contest from the Mairie de Paris. (Vélib & Moi)
  • The Parisian right steps up to the defense of the humble car. (Le Monde)

April 16-17

  • Beware of ticket scalpers in the train and Métro stations of Paris. (Le Parisien)
  • Little by little, the Triangle tower inches up. (Le Parisien)
  • Paris Region Lab seeks proposals for your urban agriculture projects. (Vélib’ & Moi)
  • Judge slams Marseille for failing to build bike lanes in newly redeveloped Vieux Port neighborhood. (20 minutes)

April 13-15

  • Paris inaugurates city’s largest solar plant. (Paris.fr)
  • Glide through the sky to get to Bordeaux’s airport? (Urbanews.fr)

April 10-12

  • “The future of Paris plays out on a regional scale”: interview with the man behind Grand Paris. (La Tribune via Urbanews.fr)
  • Métro stop: Les Lilas — Serge Gainsbourg? (Atlantic Cities)
  • Remember when cars used to drive here? A grand staircase to connect the Left Bankois to the Seine. (Paris.fr)
  • Paris in the clouds — or what if buildings could fly? (Atlantic Cities)
  • The city of Lille launches one smartcard to access public transportation, bikeshare, and carshare. (Grand Lille TV)
  • Find little green oases in the heart of Paris. (Ça se passe au jardin)
  • Plans for the new first floor of the Eiffel Tower are on display at the Pavillion de l’Arsenal. (Vélib’ et Moi)